Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mason jar Yourself Silly (D.I.Y idea post!)

So this week has been an absolute nightmare. Just moved into the rents new home in Australia, my temporary place to stay. And it's taken 5 weeks to get the company to send out a modem thing for our Internet. So I've been extremely bored and having just set up Chic Of Nothing I have been very very very late in getting up new posts. But oh well, it's all sorted out now after some angry storming down to the shop etc etc. So I'm now in touch with everyone and I've been sat for the last god knows how long pinning all my ideas for my new room at my new shared flat on Pinterest just because I'm weird and obsessed with home decor and D.I.Y. Although, don't you hate when you build up to something for months and months and then realise that you've spent way too much of your time thinking about It and planning things than you will actually spend putting them into place? Just me? Meh, well that's inevitably going to happen but it fills my time anywho! 

I actually found some really really good D.I.Y home ideas in my many hours browsing Pinterest. (I get far too excited about these type of things so I'm hoping someone reading things is on my wavelength and will enjoy and shake with excitement and show anyone who's sitting next to them how amazing this thing you never thought about is... Which I did). 

These are all mason jars used for storage space or as shown above, flower vases. Either paint them with different shades of a colour. Use Metallic paint shown in the lower right image. Or my favourite which I am trying as soon as I return to the UK is using glue with food colouring and painting it onto any glass (I.e the mason jars) to make it look like sea glass when it dries. Amazing! I can imagine these for storing:
Make up brushes
Paint brushes
Faux flowers
Small jars could store some lip glosses, mascaras etc
Soap dispensers
Laminated photos
Sewing kits

Mason jars are the best thing for storing so many different things from dry foods, to flowers to a cocktail drinking glass... Why not! I think back to how many I've put in the recycling over the years and then how often I find my self saying "arghh where can I keep this jewellery" ..voila. You can get them from anywhere; save up your own collection, ask family/friends, car boot sales... go knock on some neighbours doors, or if you're living in the city or near a shop go ask them if they can recycle them to you, it's for a good cause... I hope any of you mason-ers (like me) who are reading this find this helpful. I have been introduced to new storage ideas this week and I officially love mason jars.

So after my obsession for the jars calmed down, I found these cute ideas that made me go "Aww look!" Definitely getting my D.I.Y on when I return to my new home in Galashiels come September. 

Top Left: Calendar YOU NEED: paint colour swatches, glass frame and marker pen! 
Top Right: Tea cup jewellery storage 
Bottom Left: Coffee table YOU NEED: old window frame, sand paper, white paint (for wood), basic wooden coffee table, hinges, screws, hammer!
Bottom Centre: Flower Vase with a twist! YOU NEED: clear vase, faux flowers (pushed to the bottom of vase), water (vase filled to cover flowers), tea light candle (to float on top of the water) ..love, love, love.
Bottom Right: Jewellery Storage YOU NEED: utensil drawers, screws, hammer/drill... Depends on how prepared you are. What I thought you could do with this idea would be to lie it flat across a dresser table or lie flat in desk drawers if you are feeling a bit lazy about finding a place to hang these from or aren't one for pulling out a hammer and nail.

My favourite finding of these 5 was the tea cup jewellery storage. I had never seen this being used before, which i found a bit unusual as Pinterest was filled with posts of a similar nature. I read one blogger as I was browsing, say that using the teacup and saucer plant storage for this technique as the cup is attached to the plate so you can easily store watches etc around the plate as well as keeping your jewellery inside the cup. You can pick these teacup plant holders up from B&M online or in store and amazon for just over £5! 

What I have been listening to this week...

1. Paramore -Future
2. Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
3. Chvrches (variety of songs)
4- Alt-J - Taro
5. Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

I'd really, really like to hear feedback on this post on your thoughts, feelings or just a nice wee chat of anything I've mentioned and some of your mason jar uses! Comment or email me at natalie.troon@hotmail.co.uk


                                  -Chic Of Nothing xxo

None of the images in this post are mine, they are all from bloggers on Pinterest. 

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