Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Resort 2014 and a big hello to anyone bothering to read. FIRST POST

So right now I'm back in Australia which has now became my home away from home as my mum, dad and sister are now living in a smallish town south of Perth. I've got a couple of months of work and its Uni holidays so I'm in need of creating a blog. Why? To use as a sort of journal. Things that inspire me, make me, me. I basically want to entice you into something weird and wonderful over the next few years of my fashion student days and beyond. Who knows. I'm gong to give it a bash anywho. 

Fashion is a weird word to me, is it clothing, accessories, shoes, bags etc bundles into one word. That summarises it all? A sort of what is now and what is on trend type of thing? For me it's a culture I guess. It's everywhere, from plain Jane at the coffee shop in her dungarees and layers of woollen cardigans and jewellery she picked up in a thrift shop to Alexa Chung (a style icon of mine) at the fore front of each fashion event wearing perhaps a Chanel coat with tailored trousers and Miu Miu shoes. However, the culture will change rapidly but yet right now my favourites are the ones pulling out their denim jackets from 4 years ago and flinging on a silk shirt with an oversized knit and some vintage Docs maybe. I guess that's where style is coming from now really, I find myself more often on other blogs or distracted in lectures at what the people around me are wearing than what's straight off he runway now. Is that a good thing? 

Anyway, my friend has just flew off back to our home of Scotland and I'm out here for another 5 weeks. So I've been trying to keep myself sort of motivated I guess and caught a look of the Resort 2014 shows on and House of Holland has excited me lots. 
I'm in love with the longer sleeve t-shirt style. The colour palette in HOH has always got me interested. 
The other style I loved from HOH Resort 2014 was the dropped waist dresses. They really accent the length of the top half of the body. And one of HOH signature polka dot print is used which is young and bold. 

                                                  If you like these then have a shop for:

Left: Aztec print dress from ASOS £35
Right: Coast Muse Dress also from ASOS £42.50 reduced from £125! Save 66% ....a must have, especially in this Cobalt blue colour. 

Left: Petite Floral Mini Dress from ASOS £40
Right: Shift Dress in Large Spot Print also from ASOS £32
And finally.... My favourite longer-sleeved tee in bold print. 
Daisy Circle Camo Printed Backless Top from $46.50 reduced from $116

See similar 'go bold or go home' trends on TopShop's website right now.

Hope you enjoyed post No.1........

                                        -Chic Of Nothing xxo

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